Just Silly Stupid Hobby

hai long time no see bloggie :D
miss me dont ya? haha
u know what bloggie? today,i feel a bit down.
today theres a dancer came to my school.
those people were gonna pick whos will be their dancer.
but,we must prove them that we can dance.
first they teach us few step on how to it.
then they will ask us to repeat the step.
it's pretty hard.but its fun actually.
but to bad,i only got a chance to learn a bit only coz i gtg to vincent rumah sukan.
teacher already shouting calling us.
so i gtg.

dancing is my passion.
when i having a bad day,i'll dance till i exhausted.
it make me forget the world.
i'll been practicing it on all my own.ALONE.
whyy? because i dont have any self confident to dance infront of people.
it may sound stupid,i always feel im fat.
im saying this is not because i want people to say 'OHH no u arent.u not FAT.u are SKINNY!'
im not an attention seeker.
im just telling the truth.
its a bit frustrated when i didnt get a chance to learn more about that step.
although i'm not that into tarian melayu.
but when it come to music joining into the dancing,it make me high.
i really2 enjoying it.
but what can i say?
maybe i should stop dancing.
stop practicing it although i being doing it almost three years :')
i should change my hobbies.
change all of it.
do something that is more worth it.

Hi music+dance, i got to let you go.
we arent meant together.
im sorry.i'll give up.
i'll give up.
i change.

THE END,thanks for read hii muah muah!kihkih


ohh hye,dah lme xupdate blog.rndu plak nak update harhar :104:
hrinie just nk cerita2 kosong jeee.
minggu lepas aku meet afif.
perrhhh sumpah perfect gile date tu.
alaaa date biasa2 je,perfectnyer just jangka waktu ktorg brsama.
masing2 dtg on time.tmbh2 afif plak kali nie support sume nyer.
mkn minum aku sume dy support:43::44::42::41::34:
sumpah happy time tu :131:
tp yg sedyh nyer part nak blek.
part kne ckp 'BYEE, JUMPE BULAN DEPAN.'
tu part yg paling meremuk hati.
weyhhhhh sumpah aku syg dy sgt2.
nak lepaskn tgn dy tu,mcm aku lepaskn duit yg berjuta2 dlm api je haha
ble dy melangkah keluar dri kereta,airmata mengalir mcm air terjun.
tak terkata cmner rse perit nyer nak lepas setelah meluangkn masa spnjg hari dgn dy.

pape pon,bulan april nie akn ade meet lg!
cuma kne bersabar buat mase nie :face12:
hope2 dpt jumpe afif secepat mungkin.rse rndu pekat gile kt dy skrg ni :67:
aminnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :86:
oke thats all for today!
tata :e::e:

THE END,thanks for read hii muah muah!kihkih