A song that i wrote

Stop and hear,
Stop your movement,
Stop n quiet,
Stop n listen.
I been hiding from u.
I been denying my love 2 u.
And now my heart can’t stop beating fastly when i’m thinking of u.
A need some1 to make it stop,
I’m not ready to fall.
I’m not ready to have a feeling to you,
We were a good friend..
I’m not ready for going to the next level of game.
Wake me,wake me from this world..
Make me,make me to stand still and not to fall .
Not to fall to you my friend..
Did u curse me to fall to you?
Or did i have curse myself accidently to fall .

This curse make me wanna say those three F*** words.
This feeling make me losing control..
I’m losing it...i’m losing it..
I’m losing my mind...
I’m losing to control myself..

Ohh my mind,,,,,
i’m losing it

Ohh my freakin heart .
I’m going crazy .
Crazy of you my friend ..
Hoping u to be mine..
I’m not ready to next level,
I’m not ready to say those three F*** words to you,
My heart beating fastly when i’m wit u...
My heart is almost explode ...

Oh god.....
I can’t denied it anymore,
I have fall......

THE END,thanks for read hii muah muah!kihkih