help me please . i'm hurt

everytimes i try to protect u from her,i hurt myself.
everytimes i try to hold u tied from her,i hurt myself.
but i smile although i were hurt,
i were really2 hurt,
i cry n i cry n i cry,didn't u realize?
didn't u realize everytimes i try to protect u until i hurt myself so badly.
maybe i should stop protecting u,
maybe is time for u to protect yourself,
maybe is time for me to trust u that u can protect youself from her.
maybe i should trust .
or maybe i should not ?
sweetheart,can't you see that my heart is bleeding?
can't you see that i been trought a bloody war to protect u?
can't u see that i sacrifice my heart to protect yours?
please tell me that i'm not wasting my time protecting you.
please tell me that you are protecting my heart to???
please sweetheart,
help me,
my tears is floowing heavily . i'm hurt .

THE END,thanks for read hii muah muah!kihkih