A life after Teenager

okeyh,being a teenager mmg best tp kdg2 mmg la agak challenging.
tp yg aku paling rsau skrg nie hidup selepas zaman remaje. i mean, 'WORKTIME'.
Msti payah en?
smlm mak ckp yg ble kte da melangkah keluar dari zaman persekolah,dunie kte sume akn berubah.
xd lg maen2,xd lagi gelak2 ble nk lakukan sesuatu.sume akn jadi serious.
look at picture below and you will understand why i'm affraid.

get it? P/S* yg 'A' gn 'B' score tu sptotnyer ditukar kepada 'B' and 'C'.

that picture make my mind full with question.
but the most scary question that keep bothering me the most is,

After a life of being a teenager,WILL I SUCEED IN THE NEXT EPISODE OF LIFE?

THE END,thanks for read hii muah muah!kihkih