True love never dies,it only get stronger in time

Of all of God's creation
I love you foremost
Tower of inspiration
And kindness utmost

Providing motivation
Giving me support
Helping ease frustration
With friendly comfort

I'm frozen by your beauty
Melted with your touch
In your arms I long to be
I love you so much

Even after many a year
The love of my life
You're the one I hold most dear
Blest you are my one
  Love is unpredictable Love is uncontainable
Love is reliable Love is infallible

Love is right Love is wrong,Love is weak Love is strong

Love is good Love is pure,Love is real Love is sure

Love is jealous Love is pain,Love is lost Love is gainedl

Love is here Love is there,Love is beautiful Love is fair

Love is great Love is shit,Love is demanding Love is it
Love is chocolate,Love is sweets and honey
Love is sometimes for your heart,Love is sometimes for the money

Love is passionate,Love is blind
Love is destined,Love is cruel and kind

Love is forever,Love is for a night
Love is fading,Love is at first sight

Love is unrequited,Love is for another
Love is not returned
Love is not to be smothered

Love is dangerous
Love is right,Love is wrong
Love is a fight

Love is complicated
Love is here and there ,Love is in you and me
Love is everywhere

Love is broken
Love is true,Love is for me
Love is for you 
love you hey
love you from my heart,love you in my soul
love you lead my mind,love you all around
love you near,love you far
love you with bright eyes
love you in tears,love you laughing
love you with joy,love you full of life
love you in dreams,love you to inspire
love you for peace,love you as mine
love you here,love you for all time
love you believing,love you with passion
love you from desire
love you so true
love you unconditionally
love you loving
love you always 


THE END,thanks for read hii muah muah!kihkih