School has come to the end

if anyone ask me, do you:14: school :9:or it?
the answer is i HATE it. but the answer also will be i LOVE it :119:
why theres two answer:120:
it because i have to learn,do homework, and woke up early -->
:y: HAHA
did i learn :120: yes. do i done my homework :120: Never happen in this 2011 xD
woke up early
:120: by force:120: YES:119:

hahaha that all the challenge that i have to face.
the reason how i can face all of that is because of the joy and fun with my friends.
i think this years is more havoc and more joys than 2010 and 2009.

my friend is more than ever,laughter is louder that ever and joy is like all the time :74::75:
yes sometimes we :face22: ,
but we always face it together useruseruseruseruseruser
when one of use didnt done their :90:, all of use will also do the same :face64:
we ran from teacher,we skip classes,we copies other people homework,we hide in toilet:104:
that is all the sweet and crazy memories we had.

but the sweetness in school is not only because the friend, it also because my ex petsis.
petsis in malay we called, kakak angkat :95:
but sadly we already break off. who's decision? her :face10:
but it's fine to me, i wish she happy with her decision :face12:
the memories me with her is hanging out in kfc, lepaking in school, and other.
i looooooooove to drag her all over the school :119: :face42:
because she have this a bit childish attitude.
bak kata org suke merengek HAHA:119:
i love to make fun of her,she cute :face68: but sometimes a bit weird :face6:
that just make us more closer. we're just like a bestfriend.
make joke,fooling around each other.and that soo fun! :face15:
BESTFRIEND FOREVER oke sista? :94::95:

oke other than that is the TEACHERS :n:
oke i admit sometimes i hate them. oke a looooooooooooooottttttt of them HAHA:119:
they always:p: me :face3:
but at the end, it just make me :t:them more and more :face64:

u know what? when i look all the pictures and others memories,it make me sad:face41:
seriously i dont expect that at all.i thought i will be happy :face16:

but what already done is done. my FORM THREE years is already OVER:119:

this is for all my friends,

weyhh, sayang korg sume sgt2 laa!
tahun depan kite akn berpecah kelas en
? hope2 kte akn kekal mcm nie tahun depan.
bestfriend forever rite? bak kata syamin si pembuat name group SAMEWISH
sayang korg sgt2 hihi
thanks tau sbb korg ble aku ngah:face22: ,
mesti korg ceriakn aku dgn lawak bodoh korg yg mmg bodoh tu HAHA

u know what, 3DAHLIA is the best
:h: :h::119::119::119:

useruseruseruser :t: useruseruseruser

Oke that all i wanna share for today.thanks for read readers! hihi byeee :e:

THE END,thanks for read hii muah muah!kihkih